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Our business hosting in Kenya delivers the very best in a safe and secure online presence with exceptional service and support.

Looking for Enterprise Class Servers in Kenya? Our Enterprise Class Servers and redundant infrastructure are vital to mission critical operations. High performance hardware is engineered to deliver maximized throughput, application reliability, and much greater speeds, while redundant power supplies can prevent downtime should a power failure arise. In addition, out-of-band management via IPMI gives you direct access to your hardware as if you were standing right next to it. One of the most important factors of an Enterprise Class Server is the quality of the hardware you find inside. While we offer Seagate Constellation hard drives by default with all of our dedicated servers (which offer superior performance and durability compared to normal, desktop grade hard drives), we also offer a wide range of flash storage options. From single SSDs and Fusion IO drives to large RAID arrays, we have the hardware options and high speed RAID cards you need to support your storage.

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